Commonly Asked Questions
Can I bring my own food?

Yes you can bring your own food for a small fee.  You must bring all your own paper products, serving utensils, and drinks to serve your food eg: (plates, napkins, cups, drinks, etc .. ) Please keep in mind you do not get the food room immediately, your food will be setup 15 min prior to use.


Do you have a refrigerator?

Yes we sure do.  The freezer is small and cannot accommodate large ice cream cakes and or big platters.


Do I need to pay for adults?

There is no charge for adults, but we do ask that you keep it to one adult per child so that our birthday guests have enough room to enjoy the space.  If the party will have more than 12 adults please call us to arrange a different setup.


How many kids can you host?

We can comfortably sit 25 guests.  If you know you will have a large group let us know in advance so that we can block off enough time for your party.

Does the Birthday Girl count in the headcount?

Yes, your final headcount needs to includes the birthday girl.

Do I get charged for everyone in my final headcount even if they don't show up?

Yes, we staff according to your final  headcount given to us.

What if I have less guests than the package?
If you have less guests it's no problem at all. We are still happy to celebrate with you. 
Please note the package price does not change.
What should guests wear?

From Sunday best to Pajamas! We do not have a dress code, truly up to the parent’s discretion.

How long is my party?

Parties are 2-3hrs long total depending on the package.  Pajama Parties and The Royal Treat is 3hrs long.

How can I make my party more special?

We have so many options available, from a deluxe theme setup, to popcorn & cotton candy.  Give us a call so that we can help you create that extra special day.

Do I get both rooms at the same time?

All parties enjoy two different rooms, but not at the same time.  Parties start in the glam room for 1hr and 20min then we transition to the dessert room for the remaining time. 

If you are hosting a large group and need both rooms, please call us.


Can I bring alcoholic beverages?

No.  Alcohol beverages are not allowed.


Can I bring decorations?

The venue is decorated beautifully, however if you wish to bring additional decorations you are more than welcomed to, however do not allow tacks, or tape on our walls.  Please keep in mind you only have 20 min for setup prior to room use.


Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is not included in the total, however you can leave it cash at checkout.

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